Duane Reade Gummy Bears

haribo, look out.
they may be generic, but they are numba 1.
extra soft, extra colors.
(and i'm apparently willing to go out in the pouring rain to buy them.)

Little Miss

how i love her.

44 Clove Roasted Garlic Soup

who knew a soup created primarily from garlic and onions could be so pleasant?

This Weekend We...

had brunch at buttermilk channel.
(love that it opens at 10 instead of the standard 11. yes, we are early people now.)

 had our favorite people over for a fondue party.
and used pig cutting board (from arianna) as a perfect platter for our meats.

 let swiss mark make the best fondue of the night. (i helped him stir.)

invited max to hang out during the party. (he wore his hoody.)

 celebrated michelle's birthday with mom's famous birthday cake.

and took poppy for some walks, sporting her a new collar and leash.

so nice to finally be back in brooklyn for an entire weekend!
on thursday we head to san francisco.

Doing Business

poppy has a new trick! 

The Post Office Project

today the new york times's lens blog highlighted an interesting 
photo-documentation project by kristoffer tripplaar.
tripplaar, who is only 28, has photographed some 400 post offices
in a dozen states over the course of the past three years.
above are some of my favorites.
the full collection can be viewed on the project's flickr collection, here.

Happy Birthday Sissy

this year, eat cake instead of crayons.
(and i'll brush my hair)
you make me laugh, and i love you.

Kid Art

drawing by me (top). painting by michelle (bottom).
my mom's house is a veritable gallery.

Long Beach Antique Market

my mom has been telling me about the long beach antique (flea) market for some time.
the trick is, its only once a month, and my visits home haven't ever overlapped.
this time it did overlap, and on sunday, bright and early, we went.
not wanting to ship things, i didnt end up buying much, 
but i did take some pictures of my favorite items.
namely: a gigantic old edison bulb, a chess set made of salt and pepper shakers, 
and a collection of small wooden skateboards.
of course i cant help but compare orange county to new york/brooklyn,
and i have to say: the long beach market's food (hot dogs, pretzels) 
aint got nothin on the brooklyn flea.

Poppy Tote

ever wonder who bought the xl tote from ll bean? answer: poppy.
sebastian saw a woman carrying her 45 pound dog in one of these on the subway, 
and took note. the mta's rules on dog transport are actually pretty vague,
("enclosed in a container, carried in a manner which would not annoy other passengers")
and we figure: if little dogs can travel in bags with their heads sticking out,
why can't our pop? now she can come with us to parties and visit new parks.

A Spot of Color

i'll be able to wear them one day, right?

images via llbean & j.crew

Bear Flag, Newport Beach

and that fish burrito (grilled fish of the day served with rice, 
black beans, avocado, chop lettuce, pico de gallo & tommy sauce)
is the first time this new yorker has been jealous of orange county cuisine.
really, really, really jealous.
(and yes, that's a lobster claw game: "you catch 'em, we cook 'em")

Balancing Maddie

elmira, mi

sparkman, ar

birmingham, al

minneapolis, mn

photographer theron humphrey is currently working his way through all 50 states.
he is photo documenting his year-long trip by sticking his travel companion 
-- a coonhound named maddie --
on top of various local objects, and having her balance. 
the result is a lovely collection of photos of maddie on things.
while i am partial to this rustic collection here, 
its important to note that maddie demonstrates a set of much more daring talents:
she balances on bicycles, shopping carts, and canned goods.
i think this is my new favorite photoblog.
all photos via maddie on things

The Original Pancake House

i'm in california.
on thursday night i flew in to visit my dad (and surprised my mom).
yesterday morning my grandma & papa picked me up
and we went to an old favorite, the original pancake house.
the pancake house has a crop of older, loud mouthed waitresses, 
too-big servings (see pecan pancakes, $8), and vintage design.
its a no fuss kind of place with small town charm
(and thats somewhat rare in orange county).

Pelican Poem

rob sent this, in response to my mom's pelican photo.
what ever happened to the limerick?
i must say, its a form that makes me feel like skipping.

Gap Oxfords

snagged these yesterday at gap on the way home from work.
a man behind me in line said "those look comfortable!"
he is right: for $49, i'm still trying to understand how the suede is so buttery.
best part? they are super comfy even without socks,
which makes them the perfect winter-to-spring shoe.
 (and i can't wait to stick some red laces in them)
note: they come in bright yellow and fuchsia too,
but none of them appear to be on the gap website?

Fondue Feast

when i take pictures with my nikon (instead of my iphone) 
they are usually much slower to get posted.
this, as you see, is a delicious fondue spread.
sebastian greeted me with it on saturday when i returned from my travels.
it even included surprising me with the pot, a new purchase. (ain't it cute?)
dare i say that sebastian's fondue was the best i've ever had?
i do. it was even better than what we had in switzerland.
we can thank stinky brooklyn for supplying the emmental and gruyere, 
(and also the bresaola, and the cornichon)
and clinton vineyards for making the wine that was added (instead of kirche): 
a seyval blanc we discovered on our recent trip to rhinebeck, 
and which has since become my favorite white wine ever.
anyway. who wants to come over for a fondue party?
you'll have to wear your snowflake sweater.

Auction: Travel Trunk

oh, and raise the paddle for this one too please.

Auction: Wicker Baskets

its been a while since i posted a vintage item that i desired.
this wicker and leather fishing basket fits the bill.
i found it on this austin auction website, which betsy linked me to.
did she have any idea what she was doing when she sent me that?

Tim's Desk

my coworker tim's desk is a mess of an inspiration board, and i love it.

The Artist

the artist was a perfect little gem of a movie.
and it might be time for another film-inspired haircut.

Reblog: Icon

photo of gloria guinness in 1966 by cecil beaton for harper's bazaar

Harper's Bazaar: Do you always wear white sharkskin trousers 
and men's cotton tops in black or navy when you are on holiday in Acapulco?
Gloria Guinness: Yes I do, is that wrong?
HB: Do you have anything special for the evenings?
GG: I comb my hair. 

last week's time in turks reminded me how important it is to vacation in uniform.
i opt for red, white & blue.
(note: this post was directly poached from tomboy style)

One Day, Soon

Vladamir Nabakov to Vera Nabakov
August 19, 1924

Valentine's Day

if every day were valentine's day, the post office would be thriving.

I Think Everyone Has

The New Yorker, February 13 & 20, 2012