Poppy & Sebastian Go to the Woods

last week poppy & sebastian went camping in high point state park, in new jersey.
(they stayed in a tent, not that camper bus.) 
these photos were my souvenir, and i love them. 
(especially the one below of pop measuring up the cows.)

Poppy vs. Livestock

poppy vs. cows.
poppy vs. horse.
photos by sebastian, in high point, nj.

Slope to Hill

more from last weekend in brooklyn, pulled from iphone.

Down on the Farm

Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Not just for fine dining.

20's Advertising Illustration

found on 1st Dibs.

Good Use for Stale Bread

table top menus at lpq.

Dansk-style Tea Pots

brown and yellow real dansk, red a knock off.
still love and want them all.
(all three from etsy)

Photo Text

sebastian has a week off in between jobs. this morning he and poppy 
went to high point state park in new jersey for a couple of nights,
(to drink whiskey and read philosophy and play cards).
once upon a time sebastian and i went camping in high point,
before we were dating. now he is there with a dog that is ours.
how things can change in a year.

Fall Farmers Market

this was a really fun weekend. great weather, and lots of time outside.
on saturday, we took poppy to prospect park off-leash hours, and followed
an hour of ball with an hour of greenmarket. 

iPhone 4S Envy

mike got a 4s and this was the first picture he took.
major iphone 4s camera envy.
look at that light!

Dallas, Texas

last weekend i was in dallas, texas for work,
and took some photos on my (temporary) iphone 3.
while in the historic west end, i found wild bill's western goods,
where the furniture is... "festive."

we also went to game 6 of the american league championships.
the rangers won, and  we were the only attendees of some
50,000 not dressed in red, white or blue.

and lastly, i also took a bus to a shady river-side industrial area 
that was chalk-full of antiques shops. 
(antlers and taxidermy among the most popular offerings.)

Photo Text

baby bear nico.

Tiny Mike

mike (middle) had this photo cropped down as his gmail picture, 
and i had to have more.
the glasses. the coats. the hats. the three colors. 
 somewhere there are similar photos of my pop & uncles. need to find.

Photo Text

little cruiser. from sebastian, cobble hill.

Dallas Bound

heading to dallas for the weekend.
to hang out with these gents.

image from life magazine

Kitchen Detail

the island also gives extra storage. 
red cannisters found by michelle in connecticut.
pig print on the fireplace is from an art class in college.
i also love the recessed lighting in the pantry.

jars: if you can see whats in the pantry, its less likely to go bad.

the exposed shelving can look messy, so these baskets help keep it tidy.
tags help keep things where they ought to be.

a grid of clippings on the side of the refrigerator.

stock pot from my mama, tea pot from his.
the sponge holder is actually a napkin holder, 
from an armenian ceramicist in israel.

and all of our cookbooks, 
which seam to have magically ended up sorted by color.

Our Apartment

some of you haven't seen my apartment.
so, here it is.
couch/lamps: hand-me-down from dear old aaron. (good taste & generosity!)

glass book case from furnish green
credenza i got for $50 on craigslist and refinished, including pulls.

a map of our favorite camping spot in the catskills, split in half.
school chairs from a school's yard sale.
a craigslist bench i recovered with an old wool army blanket.

a strip of white at the top of the grey wall gives the illusion of crown molding.
 an ikea island we found on craigslist.
stools, two for $80, found by rachel.
the white tin cabinets on either side of the fridge make it seem 
less out of place there between the windows (and add storage)

 french european school map: from mom, last birthday
poppy is not allowed on the couch. i posed her. i admit it.

the island was looking extra nice that day, so here's a detail.