Labor Day in California for Sharon's Wedding!

2014 New Year's Resolutions: 1) Be more timely with blog posts. 2) Get this thing up to date. 
I love this little blog, and yet I always seem to neglect it. There will be an adventure, I'll snap a million photos, excited to share them, and then time gets away, life gets busy, and I don't do it. I blame my computer-focused desk job, for zapping my desire to be on a laptop while at home. I blame Instagram, for making snippets easier, faster, well-enough. I blame Poppy, who I'd rather take to the park. I have plenty of excuses. But the goal for 2014 is to stop all that, and just make the time. Carve out 1 hour a week to keep this visual diary going. More for myself than for anyone else. Because I've really enjoyed being able to look back.

Which brings me to Labor Day (...4 months ago) and my high school friend Sharon Day's beautiful wedding at Spanish Oaks Ranch in Santa Margarita, California. The trip began with a visit to see Devin's new home in Half Moon Bay, and then a carpool south to San Luis Obispo, the wedding's home base. There were surfing and kite boarding trips throughout (Devin's boyfriend Brian did those things; we drank wine and watched from the truck) and the wedding was a wonderful reunion of high school friends and their families. We all danced and celebrated Sharon and Dan in the Ranch's gorgeous setting under clear California skies. I am so happy for Sharon, who married wonderful, caring Dan Monroe, and I can't wait for more weddings with this special crew. (Next up: Emily's this summer!)