Alphabet Soup

this soup is darn good, and has healing powers to boot.
add some additional escarole and split the broth half veggie/half chicken.
wake up feeling just like new.

Baby Kivs

look at this little monkey. i could eat her right up.

Martha's Vineyard

returned last night from a lovely long weekend in martha's vineyard with the ladies.
drove up early friday morning, made a pit stop in mystic, ct, took the ferry over.
stayed here (toille wallpaper, breakfast on the porch, a fire).
and ate here (fresh ingredients from the farms whose stands weren't open to us yet).
one sunny day, one rainy day.
a nice getaway in the off-season. 
(definitely need to also go back in the summer.)

Dogs, Beach

kiva leaps for a mussel.
poppy gives her disapproval.

Arianna's Amazing New Etsy Shop!

thats right, this post's headline gets an exclamation point
because this morning arianna sent me a link to her beautiful new etsy shop!
i am so so impressed with, and inspired by, her amazing vintage & thrift finds, 
creative styling (love the use of fresh food), and gorgeously lit photos. 
it gets better: i snagged the little orange pour-pot in the top picture.
i have such talented friends.

Super Duper Weenie

when you see super duper weenie

 everybody gets excited

until you go inside

order two dogs and some fries

and don't share.

One Big Ship, Two Small Dogs

love this picture sebastian took of the pups in front of this monster 
that was parked down at pier six for a while.
kiva said that when she grows up big she wants to be a pirate.
poppy wants to be a skipper.

Sebastian's Sunset Timelapse

taken with the iphone, from the promenade, one warm night last week.

TWA Terminal at JFK

love these photos of the twa flight center at jfk, by photographer peter brandt.
the terminal opened in 1962, and later closed in 2001.
the building's architect,  eero saarinen, (who also gave us the ever-popular tulip table) 
said he "wanted passengers passing through the building 
to experience a fully-designed environment in which each part arises from
 another and everything belongs to the same formal world."

Taza Mexican Stone Ground Chocolate

lovely packaging, sweet, not too bitter, sustainable. taza chocolate comes in these 
great little discs. you just grate them, melt the powder in milk, and wisk to froth.
the chile flavored one that we had last night was even better than the 
spicy hot chocolate at jacques torres.
such a treat. and homemade!

Pine Island Summer Camp

this is the pine island summer camp for boys in maine.
it was founded in 1902, and some of the structures 
on the camp's site date back to the early 1800s.
the camp was featured in a photo spread in the recent (may) issue of 
martha stewart living, which accompanied a great little piece written by a 70 year 
old man who attended a similar camp when he was a young boy.
the magazine's photos featured beautiful photos of the boat house, a collection of
pewter trophies, a detail of the camp's library of outdoor books, etc.
but they didn't seem to be online. curious, i went to the camp's website
and found these great black and whites from their archives. 
(i still might post the magazine photos if i can find them or make a good copy.)
the camp serves boys between the ages of 8-15, and all summer they live in those
little tents that you see at the top.
as the founder of the camp, clarence colby put it, the camp is meant...
"to give boys a healthful and beneficial summer outing, to clarify their minds and 
reinvigorate their bodies, to give them new life and new strength—in a word, 
to afford them an opportunity for re-creation, not merely recreation."
i have to say, as a california girl who finds the idea of any  
summer camp novel, this one sounds (and looks) pretty ideal.

Happy Birthday, Blog

one year ago today i started mabery midbury with this thrilling post.
333 posts and 7,760 page views later, its hard to believe a year has passed.
i started a blog so i could have a not-facebook place
to post photos i take, things i like, things i want to remember.
in many ways, its served as the journal i've never kept.
thanks to everyone who has looked, followed, contributed.
(especially michelle, who probably accounts for at least half of those page views.)
i've had lots of fun.

Michael Zelehoski's 2-Dimensional 3D Objects

last weekend while in beacon, we had the pleasure of spending some time with 
michael zelehoski and his lovely girlfriend becky gordon.
michael and becky live in beacon, in an amazing old garagey space they own
and have been converting into a bright open living space and studio.
michael is an artist who deconstructs three dimensional found wooden objects
into two dimension art works. he disassembles the piece, slivers each of its 
constructive components down to a fraction of an inch, 
and reassembles it into a wall-mountable "canvas"
that is a mere 2 inches thick. from a distance -- and even in these photos --
the pieces look like paintings. but when you get closer, you see their dimension.
(you can see it best in the picture of the chair.)
michael does a much better job of explaining his process here.
and his website features some photos and video of him at work.
i'm not very plugged into the art world, but i do think these are pretty damn amazing
and would love love to own one some day.
(i especially love the idea of having him compress down a meaningful piece
of furniture or an heirloom that would otherwise be too clunky or out of place.)
and thanks to brent and rachel for introducing us to such an amazing pair.