Pine Island Summer Camp

this is the pine island summer camp for boys in maine.
it was founded in 1902, and some of the structures 
on the camp's site date back to the early 1800s.
the camp was featured in a photo spread in the recent (may) issue of 
martha stewart living, which accompanied a great little piece written by a 70 year 
old man who attended a similar camp when he was a young boy.
the magazine's photos featured beautiful photos of the boat house, a collection of
pewter trophies, a detail of the camp's library of outdoor books, etc.
but they didn't seem to be online. curious, i went to the camp's website
and found these great black and whites from their archives. 
(i still might post the magazine photos if i can find them or make a good copy.)
the camp serves boys between the ages of 8-15, and all summer they live in those
little tents that you see at the top.
as the founder of the camp, clarence colby put it, the camp is meant...
"to give boys a healthful and beneficial summer outing, to clarify their minds and 
reinvigorate their bodies, to give them new life and new strength—in a word, 
to afford them an opportunity for re-creation, not merely recreation."
i have to say, as a california girl who finds the idea of any  
summer camp novel, this one sounds (and looks) pretty ideal.