The Tin Snail

quite charmed by today's article in the times about a collector of "tin snails," 
or deux cheveaux vapeaurs, little french cars manufactured from 1948-1990.
as the article notes, the cars "were to france what the volkswagen beetle
was to germany and the ford model t to america — 
inexpensive transportation for tough economic times."
perhaps the best part:
 the cars were tested to "be driven across a plowed farm field with a basket of
eggs on the seat, not breaking a single one. 
being easy on eggs meant it would be comfortable for humans, too."

Football Season

"if only the jets had a receiver like her!"
-- man at the park. 
(i have no idea what he is talking about but its definitely true.)

Pumpkins, Bats & Witch's Hats

michelle and i had lots of fun today,
baking and decorating these little guys.
we added some brandy to our sugar cookie dough, 
which gave it a nice autumny orange color
(as well as some spice.)
happy halloween!

Fall Adventures Upstate


a few weeks ago, we saw peak foliage in new hampshire.
i couldn't believe we were so lucky as to hit it again last weekend in new paltz.
all of the obligatory fall activities were extra fun with nice weather and a nice pup.
we even met some goats.

A Rustic Barn in New Paltz

last weekend we rented our apartment out on airbnb and 
booked a stay at this little barn, right outside of new paltz, ny.
the barn was built in the 1800's, and has been meticulously redone, 
but still has all of its vintage charm. a wood burning stove, clawfoot tub,
and whitewashed lofted ceilings set the scene. behind the barn, we had some fun 
exploring an enchanting little pond, which we were told was built by some beavers
and which butted up against a century-old stone wall.

The Rosebery

spotted: perfection. in the form of a fancy party bus.
the rosebery is a 1966 routemaster, converted to become the ultimate mobile
dining and drinking stage.
who wants to go to london to have a party?
thanks to this vanity fair article for alert and photos.
(note: the website's gallery has some great "before" shots from the renovation)

John Rand Cabin at Dartmouth

for the third year in a row, sebastian and i spent the first weekend of october 
nestled in a setting of mossy rocks,  babbling brooks 
and spectacular rainbow colored trees.
a bit of rain made for even brighter hues, 
and poppy found some apples to fetch and munch on.
we brought some friends, played board games 
and cooked some stuffing and mashed potatoes.
and just like that it became fall.