Michael Zelehoski's 2-Dimensional 3D Objects

last weekend while in beacon, we had the pleasure of spending some time with 
michael zelehoski and his lovely girlfriend becky gordon.
michael and becky live in beacon, in an amazing old garagey space they own
and have been converting into a bright open living space and studio.
michael is an artist who deconstructs three dimensional found wooden objects
into two dimension art works. he disassembles the piece, slivers each of its 
constructive components down to a fraction of an inch, 
and reassembles it into a wall-mountable "canvas"
that is a mere 2 inches thick. from a distance -- and even in these photos --
the pieces look like paintings. but when you get closer, you see their dimension.
(you can see it best in the picture of the chair.)
michael does a much better job of explaining his process here.
and his website features some photos and video of him at work.
i'm not very plugged into the art world, but i do think these are pretty damn amazing
and would love love to own one some day.
(i especially love the idea of having him compress down a meaningful piece
of furniture or an heirloom that would otherwise be too clunky or out of place.)
and thanks to brent and rachel for introducing us to such an amazing pair.