Our Apartment

some of you haven't seen my apartment.
so, here it is.
couch/lamps: hand-me-down from dear old aaron. (good taste & generosity!)

glass book case from furnish green
credenza i got for $50 on craigslist and refinished, including pulls.

a map of our favorite camping spot in the catskills, split in half.
school chairs from a school's yard sale.
a craigslist bench i recovered with an old wool army blanket.

a strip of white at the top of the grey wall gives the illusion of crown molding.
 an ikea island we found on craigslist.
stools, two for $80, found by rachel.
the white tin cabinets on either side of the fridge make it seem 
less out of place there between the windows (and add storage)

 french european school map: from mom, last birthday
poppy is not allowed on the couch. i posed her. i admit it.

the island was looking extra nice that day, so here's a detail.