Apartment Tour Continued: Bedroom

last october i did a little tour of our apartment, which  mainly highlighted
the living area and kitchen (look how tiny poppy was!)  i had always planned on 
doing some more rooms, but never quite got around to it. then, we decided to 
post our apartment on airbnb, and i finally  tidied up my bedroom:

this room is teeny tiny. dont be fooled. but there are closets on either side of the
dresser, which span the full length of the blue wall-- 40 square feet!
the bedspread is a pendleton throw, lamp is restoration hardware
the poppy print behind the bed  is one i did in an intaglio class in college. 
the dresser and stool are from  yesterday's news, my favorite spot
for scoring cheap, well-made vintage furniture.

obligatory frame cluster, which is on wall next to bed.
ladies are an old french clothing ad, a gift from a friend's trip to france. 
dog on the top left is another print i did in college.

behind the dresser on the bulletin board are my favorite words from a  
vintage vis-ed box set. (the inspiration for this blog's header image).
 stanley thermos as vase. little tin robot michelle brought me from england.
and an old found note in the frame, which says:
"i'm sorry to appear insistent, but i must have my trinkets. this is the last chance."

 the corner desk was my first craigslist buy when i moved to new york.
it is still one of my favorite pieces-- always squeezed into the most awkward spots.
i stripped down its ugly green shiny coat and gave it a spray of brown.
the suitcases are used to file away papers and old notes and cards.
the map is a sheet of wrapping paper from paper source.
the chair i found on the street and reupholstered with a military blanket.
the yellow mirror is framed in old rulers.

and on the little shelf, (which is a cheap floating shelf mounted on anthropologie 
brackets)  the piece of iron that looks like a "j" was found on a railroad up in vermont. 
the little etching of the three dogs is from a printmaker's shop in toulouse, france.
my mom found me the tin panel when she came to visit brooklyn.
next up, michelle's room!