Big Sur: The Beach

this is pfeiffer beach
tucked down an unmarked road off route 1, its one of only a few accessible
beaches in big sur. and it seems few choose to access it;
when we were there on sunday morning, there were maybe 20 people scattered across 
the whole stretch of beach, and 5 dogs running off leash.
it was a warm, clear day and we spent a good couple of hours exploring
the beach's tide pools, caves, rugged coastline, and purple sand,
which is caused by manganese garnet which has crumbled off the cliffs above.
in some areas the purple sand is one layer underneath, which makes it extra fun 
to write in, and also gives it an amazing tie-dyed effect.
(further up north, the beach is almost all purple.)
it was a picture-perfect stop before setting out on our drive home.