Buttermilk Channel's Duck Meatloaf

brooklyn has an ever increasing number of amazing restaurants, 
and thanks to the new brooklyn cookbook, now many (70) of their recipes 
can be made at home. after swooning over (and gobbling up) 
buttermilk channel's duck meatloaf a couple of months ago, aaron and i decided
to try our hands at recreating the delicious dish on saturday night.
the meatloaf was a mix of fresh ground duck breast (and fat) from the butcher, 
homemade bread crumbs (thanks sebastian), an egg, thyme, yellow raisins, 
parsley, and not much else. the individual patties were placed on top of a 
puddle of celeriac-spinach puree, crowned with a homemade spanish onion ring 
(first time i've made them! so easy!), and topped with a duck jus.
just perfect.