Steep Ravine, California (and a New Design!)

Well, I did it. I gave this little blog a facelift. Perhaps most importantly, I redesigned it to accommodate photos that are 40% bigger. And to kick off the new view: a showcase of the very photogenic Steep Ravine.
Most of you know that Sebastian spent the winter volunteering as the campground host at this oceanfront state park, which is comprised of ten cabins and campsites in a ravine a few miles south of Stinson Beach. In exchange for free rent in a solar-powered, waterfront house, he answered visitors' questions and 
worked as a groundskeeper.
In February, I flew out to visit for a long weekend. I had been to the ravine with Sebastian before, but had never seen it so spectacularly in bloom. Lillies, sourgrass, and gorgeous unidentified purple flowers painted the hills and cliffs in a million colors. At sunset, the sky would transform into a bright orange or pink ombre. It was quiet and peaceful; I read a book in a couple of days. 
At this point, Sebastian has returned to Brooklyn. We are very happy to have him back, but I hope he gets to return to that little house soon. Only this time, with me and Poppy in tow.