Camp Wandawega

This is Wisconsin's Camp Wandawega, now the Wandawega Lake Resort. I first learned about Wandawega in an issue of Martha Stewart Living, and immediately fell in love with the concept a "summer camp" for adults. Anyone who looks at this blog knows that Sebastian and I love ourselves a rustic cabin on a lake. But throw in some vintage Dietz lamps, wool blankets and thermoses, and I'm in heaven. Well, as you can see, Wandawega is just that-- my heaven. It is owned, operated, and decorated by the amazing Tereasa Surratt (who wrote Found, Free and Flea, which I own, thank you Alex) and not a detail has been overlooked. In addition to lovely accommodations (which include boy scout tents, a teepee, and a tree house), visitors can still practice archery, play shuffleboard, and go canoeing and fishing. So how about it? I'll meet you at the rope swing.

photos via martha stewart and