WRK Design + City Grit Supper Club

for christmas betsy surprised me with a city grit dinner for four.
the dinner she chose couldn't have been more perfect: jim n nick's bbq from alabama.
jim n nick's is in the process of launching its own heritage hog program, and last night 
we sampled just about every part of one of their incredible berkshire pigs.
just as surprising as the supper club however, was where it is held.
wrk design is a design shop and services company
(they designed the earnest sewn stores) 
that has set up in an old school house building in soho on prince street.
(note: i actually bought the school chairs that are in our apartment 
from that school when it closed shop a couple of years ago)
the shop is warm and rustic and quirky, and just the kind of place you want to
spend hours in... staring at everything. the city grit/wrk partnership is a wonderful
excuse to do so, while eating creative cuisine from around the country.
top photo mine. others from wrkdesign.com